"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
Marilyn Monroe

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

strange day

 i had a really nice morning today. last night i went to my sisters house. she lives like 10 ft from the river, so this morning i went for a swim at 5 in the morning. it was so peaceful and relaxing. then i went swimming again in the afternoon. me and my sister had a picnic next to the river. i only had. 2 lemon cucumbers(4) 5 strawberries(20) 5 grapes(20) 1/2 an avocado(30) 5 cherry tomatoes(15) 1 boiled egg(50). total cal=139
 not as low as i would have liked, but it wasn't horrible. And i had a lot of fun with my sister. i got home at 3:30ish. and all hell broke loose. my dad and brother where yelling at each other my mom was crying, and i turned around and left the house. instead of dealing with whatever was going on in there i went to the gym for 3 hours.

work out:
1 hour runing inclined(800)
30 minutes biking(400)
30 minutes yoga(around 300???)
1 hour jog up hill(600)

total cal burned:  2100 

then i went home to find out my brother had been caught with coke! again! while hes on probation. god hes such a dumb ass. so now hes going back to court. and hes probably going back to juvenile hall , and my life will be forced to revolve around him yet again. fuck you brother! hes almost eighteen he can't keep being stupid like this. really. my moms crying and my dads pissed, so i'm hiding in my room. i'll be doing insane workouts for the next few days, working out always helps me deal with stress. i just got done doing 100 sit ups.

my dads yelling for me. i really don't want to deal with his shit. but alas hes my dad so i have too. by my lovelies. stay strong! 

lots of love S

THINSPO: underwear! how do you want to look for that special someone? 

EWWW! she does not need that whipped cream! eww 


  1. omg barf at the last pic! some men actually find that attractive... i dont understand! family shit sucks. maybe you could also escape into a good book, that always helps me :)

  2. SHIT thats my love is a workout ;)
    thanks for the fatspo >.< i vomited in my mouth a little bit. :/
    sorry about the family situation but the brother will learn, eventually!


  3. Much, much love to you, sweet girl. That is all I have to say. You are beautiful.

  4. Ohh wow. You did well. Better than listening to parents shouting at brothers - I would know. My brother does really stupid stuff as well, and everyone ends up screaming! It's horrible. Why can't they just be good?!!!

  5. you dad seems like an ass. your workout sounds awesome. keep it up. you're doing so great, lovely. but please don't push yourself too hard. golly. you're such a doll. stay strong.
    p.s. thanks for always being so encouraging.

  6. oh goodness. that last picture.
    sounds like you had a lovely day! i'm sorry about your brother and hope he gets everything in order asap! stay strong xx

  7. i have a sister that used to be like that, its frustrating.
    things will get better.
    i love your blog. i love your control. you are so thinspiring.

  8. 30 mins of yoga does not burn 300 burns about 100 - 150, just being helpful :)

  9. wow, crazy great workout, I wish I could go that hard, I've gotta try harder! Thank you lovely.
    The second picture down is amazing, I wish my hair were that long and blond.. last one, eww.

  10. intense fucking work out :O and that last picture made me gag...reverse thinspo is just... *shudder*
    Hope the family shit works out <3

  11. massive work out well done darlin'! and thanks for your lovely comments :) love you! xxxxxx

  12. you're super inspiring because you always have great intake and freaking amazing exercise!

    also: that last pic = vomit! eeeewwwww. i would die before i let myself get that huge.

  13. omg so many comments :/
    you burnt 2100 cals??!!??
    omg, girl...but, its s true that working out relieves stress.
    i'm sorry all thats hapening to ya...email me if you ever wanna vent:

  14. I thought avocado had more calories than that?