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Monday, October 4, 2010

thank you girls

oh god! i'm not pregnant. i bought 110 dollars worth of prego tests. seriously i got a shit load all but 2 said no!! but i still want to be sure so i'm begging my dad for money(not telling him what for) so i can buy a few more. just to be sure. i really don't want to go to the doctors but at the same time i do. i'll think more about it. i'm really trying to avoid seeing a doctor. thank you girlys for your support. seriously was freaking out.

i love you all!

lots of love S xoxo


  1. Oh that's good, what a scare! And you know lovely, it's unlikely you're pregnate anyways because I doubt your body could support a child with the little you eat, there's just not enough left over.

  2. what a relief for you. cheers. &i avoid doctors, too. they just always seem like a bad idea. stay strong, darling.

  3. Phew!!! Much love to you, sweetie pie!

  4. oh my gosh that must have been really scary! Remember the more you worry the longer you will have to wait for it. Anxiety messes with the cycle. <3

  5. Oh I'm so relieved after reading that last post. but going to the doctor is always good, just for a check up or whatever.
    xx v

  6. smiling for you.
    but i still think you should go to the doc!
    just drink a lot to get your weight up before you go and take supplements in case they check your blood.
    but thats the only way to know for sure! us ANAs have pretty screwed up hormon levls, which means at home tests can miscalculate easily! but it doesnt sound like you're preggers anyways.\but omg you're the third story i read today that had a pregger scare and now im getting paranoid...omg O_o

    luv ya hun!!
    get better!

  7. Yeap I'm with Miana on that - get a doctor to test your serum beta HCG levels, and yeah, take a multivitamin before hand, just in case.

    Although that said, sometimes a doctor will just get you to do urine pregnancy test.


  8. Definitely, go to the doctor.
    Wish you so much luck, sweetie!

  9. Thank god. And avoiding doctors is definitely a smart idea. I haven't commented here before, but I think your blog is lovely.

  10. Ah! I had a big pregnancy scare too, and its terrifying! I couldnt imagine trying to raise a child right now. Thank goodness for you that everything is okay!

  11. thanks for stopping by and following! glad you got the preg result you wanted :) take care! bye!

  12. You wont be pregnant darling, i've had many a pregnancy scare, you'll be fine :) xxxxxx

  13. lol i missed the previous blog posts about the preggo scare, but phew! thank goodness.

    i would freak out if i were preggo. i'm so not mature enough for a child, and (selfishly) i don't want to give up my life or my body for a baby. someday in the future i want kids, but for now i want my body to be my own.