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Friday, November 5, 2010

who want to have a tea party!!!!!

so i went to the most amazing asian market to day and i got 7 new teas!

green tea
green tea with roasted brown rice
roasted green tea
oolong tea
jasmine tea
jasmine with raspberry tea
and wild berry tea

so I've decided to celebrate my new tea by to have a tea party. At eight tonight i am having a cup of tea and please ladys join me so we can have a huge world wide tea party! i've decided on eight because that and 11:30 are when i always have cravings, so this way i can stop a binge and feel closer to all my lovely friends! 

will you be joining y tea party? 

i hope you will.

anywho besides getting new tea today i did well.... absolutely nothing. when i woke up it was poring out side and cold so instead of getting up i simply slept in, until 11:00. then i got up and took a scolding bath and read Tempted the 6th book in the house of night seres, which by the way i love those books! i cant wait to read the next one. then for the rest of the day i drank tea read blogs and snuggled with the two trouble makers. and i ate and ate and ate. ok not really but still i feel so full


B: green tea(5) 1 scrambled egg(70) w/ ketchup(30) 
L: top ramen(380)
D: chop suey (578) and jasmine brown rice(200)
total cal intake: 1,263


ok so i told my dad i cooked two eggs and i cooked two pieces of bread so thats why it is under. but really i only cooked one and fed the bread to the pup and all the eggs. i only took a bite, so it more like 1,213
so ladys let us have a tea party to night and say fuck you to cravings!  

lots of love S xoxo oh ya go to this blog its wonderful 

 You Must Go On  


time zone problem! so i didnt think of the time zone thing soooo lets all drink tea tonight doesnt matter what time, soooo when you read this get a cup of tea! i'll be drinking it all night so we can drink together

next time i'll think it through a little better =)


  1. Awww I missed the tea party! lol

    I'll have one in your honor :)

  2. Rainbow tea!!!

    ...omg dude I just got an amazing idea. What timezone are you?! Omg I'm getting excited =D



    I've never tried oolong... I assume you brew your tea properly? Or do you use bags? I can't handle bagged tea. I'm such a Tea Nazi. (Tea Party reference, anybody?) But I made this amaaaazing "green" tea with lemon and shit - or had it made to order, anyway - and it is SO GOOD with one 0.6kcal artificial sweetener and it's so yellow and pretty... o.o

    But yeah. If my favourite is slightly spicey green tea, will I like oolong? XD I know I'm not fond of jasmine...

    Anyway. Yes. I will have tea in your honour but probably not at the same time because that means I'd have to get up pure early xD

    Seeing as how you're being force-fed loads of crap atm, try to make your intake 1234! Takes your mind off the high number by being such a pretty one?

    Lots of love <3

  3. It's 9:51 here haha :)
    I'll join at 8 your time as well lol

  4. I dunno what time zone you're in, but I'm ganna go get some tea right after I post this comment lol

  5. Ahhh (:
    I love tea. I actually had green tea that’s infused with pomegranate today for the first time in a very, very long time. It was delectable. MMMMM!
    I have a bunch of different kinds of tea at my house too.. a ton of green tea and this dieters tea that’s like a laxative, it’s SUPER strong though. So I usually dilute it and drink that for a few days if I want.
    XX Sarah

  6. it's 12:23am. i've got a cup of peppermint tea. tea time for zette. i've never tried oolong tea but i've heard great things about it. maybe time to find some. hmm...thanks for the laugh, little miss. hang in there.

  7. AWE!! Thanks bunches, S! I feel so special! *hug*. It's 1:27AM here now and YOU just made my entire day! =D


    Jealous of all of your teas! I shall have a tea in your honor right now =).

  8. Aw, that's a nice thing, huh. I would love to try that jasmine with raspberry tea, I've never heard of that. But I will definitely get one.

    Stay strong honey, this will be over soon and you will be able to decide on all of the things again.
    Wish you so much luck,

  9. I was drinking green tea when I read this. Funny. I love your tea party idea so much! Good idea feeding your food to your dog, it makes me wish my cats liked human food, haha. Wild berry tea sounds really yummy too, btw.


  10. Wow I love your blog! You've lost so much weight, it's so inspiring! I'm going to start following you and hopefully get some motivation to reach my own goals. I just started a blog, check it out if you want :)