"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
Marilyn Monroe

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm back!

i missed everyone over the weekend. i was gonna post yesterday but then i went to go to the bathroom and when i got out my dog had bitten of the enter, backspace, and \ keys, luckily they didn't brake there just retarded and don't really spring back when you push them. so instead of posting i had to freakout and try to fix them before my dad came home.

ok so the weekend went really well. first the fast. i didn't eat the whole weekend! despite my friend telling me i should eat. but then i said it was for a religious thing so she left me alone. so ya i only drank tea through the last like four days. ya for me. also when i got home cow had been missing. we where all really sad. but then she showed up in the evening. it was really exciting. we all missed her. i went swimming this weekend because it was like 100 out, yuk! it was really fun, a really cute guy kept hitting on me. i love when i get positive attention. i also started reading marked, its in the series the house of night. i think theres like 8 books. its really good, i love the main character.

oh ya i totally forgot i order green contact lenses. they're not corrective lenses there just for looks, and i look awesome in them. they make my eye green like a cats. sadly there extremely hard to put on and really uncomfortable, they really take some getting used to. i'll try to take some pictures later i just put them in, but my eyes look all red for like the first 2  or 3 minutes after i put them in. the store is super cool because there really cheep, and they only last for 90 days so you can buy a cheep pair to see if you like contacts. here a link to the store http://www.youknowit.com/   they really have some cool contacts.

weird i just went to upload a photo and its all new and weird.

so i haven't eaten anything to day, and i'm really enjoying the fast but sadly i have to eat this weekend because i'm going to a family thing up on the reservation...i don't think I've mentioned that i grew up on the Indian reservation. my moms Indian. but anywho if i don't eat my grandparents will be seriously offended and i'll be in a world of shit. so i can only fast until Sunday. witch totally sucks. but then on Monday i'm totally starting up on the fast again. why do i have to come from a family whos main focus is eating shit food?

sorry i haven't commented on everyones blog, i promise i'm reading them its just everyone posted a lot over the weekend so i'm all backed up....ha ew that makes me think of poopie.

love you all, i hope you stay strong lady's. as always my hearts with you. xoxo S


  1. have i mentioned how much i freaking love you?! you didnt make my day with ur comments, you made me smile, laugh and feel so blessed! so actually you made so much more than my day xD
    i missed you, although it was just the weekend!! dont leave ever again >.<
    ive read the 'marked' series i liked it :)
    although the whole vamp thing isnt very original now is it? LMAO

    congrats on not eating a thing! i could learn a lot from you ;)


  2. blah i know i was dieing to read your blog really the first thing i did when i got home was read all your posts. and i'm glad i made you feel good!!! yay! also i'm not big on the vamp thing its way over used now but my mom wanted me to read them.

  3. congrats on that mega long fast!! your willpower is inspirational :) x

  4. Hey, if you're having trouble with the lenses maybe you should try a new solution? I went through three different brands before I found one which didn't disagree with my eyeballs, like. And omg, epically well done for the weekend! You're actually a proper inspiration like, your intakes - and lack thereof - are to die for

  5. ya its my moms brand of solution, she has used contacts for like 10 years.

  6. oh cow seems to be the little adventurer doesnt she? those contacts look awesome, not i want some :P

  7. *now. how it typed not instead i dont know.