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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my sweet hearts!

ok so most of these where taken with camera phones so sorry if they arent good
also the one of my puppy is silly because he has a wash cloth tied around his head but it was the only one i could find

this is kitty my cat. her real name is frijoles

this is demon kitty(aka Katy) shes my moms friends cat we're watching her

this is my puppy =) hes got a wash cloth tied around his head

and this is the sweet new kitty Cow

isnt she adorable?!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok bye loves xoxo


  1. naww they are all beautiful. although the first cat doesnt seem to like having his photo taken :P
    i think i might go get some new pix of my babies and post them too. xo

  2. ooops she is a girl. well she doesnt like her photo being taken :P

  3. awww cow is the cutest thing ever!! all your animals are adorable. xx

  4. CUTE! Cow is by far the cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen!

  5. in reply to your comment: yes please i would LOVE to do a fast with you!!