"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
Marilyn Monroe

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

i don't need some one telling me how i feel!!!

I really hate when people preach at me. If i was miserable and hated myself i'd get help. but i don't, so i don't need people telling me i need to seek god. so fuck you miss. i have enough people telling me i'm miserable. well guess what i'm not. sure i get depressed sometimes, but hey its not because i hate myself its because i have insomnia. and my god never scares me into doing what he wants. my god just want me to be happy and kind to others. so again fuck off.
 ok sorry, about the rant. i hate when people try to push there beliefs on me. and i hate it even more when people try to tell me how i feel. I KNOW HOW I FEEL THERE MY FEELINGS!!! shit.

so i totally failed the fast!
i ate today not much but still. i feel like a fatty.

geen tea(5)
a bite of cookie ice cream(like 5ish???)
and a bite of cookie dough(5ish??)
so like 15 calories

god i'm such a pig. a big fat piggaly wigally. a nasty fat ass. ok not really but still i will die if i gain. it took forever  for me to lose this much weight! i need to stay down.

THINSPO!!! underwear

EWWWWWWW. that is so nasty, i really wana throw up rite now. i wont be eating anytime soon


  1. would have posted a few minutes ago but i saw the last picture&purged.....gross. i will never understand you. you're smaller&prettier than those girls. stay strong, doll. you're crazy inspiring.


  2. I love the pic of the girl with the kitty ears!! she's so pretty and the skinniest!

    anyway, i totally understand what you were saying in your post! i live in a place where people are extremely religious and whenever they see i'm depressed they tell me to go to church with them!! wtf??
    i would just fall aslee like i've alwas done in church.
    dont listen to them.
    you do what you do for yourself!!

    *true ANAs will always be here to support you :)

  3. oh my... what is THAT, that thing hanging out under her dress? O.o that's... so.. so... it's making ME want to purge and.. and I'm with ana, not mia >.>
    I understand the belief problem >.< I don't understand why people can't just let people live the way they want

  4. Also, wanted to let you know I just saw your 'whoo' comment and it made me giggle xD

  5. ugh that last pic is so gross. i may just skip my lunch...

  6. Oh wow. That last picture is SO gross!!
    But yeah, I know what you mean about people telling us how we should feel! It's not necessary!

  7. OHAI stomach of doom in the last picture...

    And yeah, I hate that thing where people think they know you better than YOU do. I can understand where it comes from, 'cause people tend to have limited understanding of things outside what they've directly experienced, but honest to God -lolirony- it's the most irritating thing on the planet...

    And sweety, 15 calories is... infinitesimal in its teeny-tininess. There's no way you'll gain unless it's just water-weight and you can pee that out again so it's all good!

  8. well im sorry i know ur killing urself and not doing any help to ur body or ur life. by eating how you to. you are trying to fulfill things/change things that won't get any better or different by ur weight or whatever the reason is behind it. idk what the reason is. its not like i dont get u tho-i struggle too-i just wish u'd see waht im trying to say and not take offense to it

  9. listen lady, i've been to therapist and i've dealt with my problems(still am dealing with them) but guess what i like being little and pretty. its not your life so leave me alone.